Aug. 19, 2012
The day has arrived. At 3:00p.m. Approximately 80 supporters of the Eastridge Mission Center gathered to break ground. 
Teachers, community leaders, members of EBC and just people who love Eastridge. The ceremony began with my (pastor Mike Garman) opening remarks and welcome. The Karen adult and youth choir each sung a song. Words of encouragement were offered by Leigh Fuller representing Highplains Food Bank and Kid Cafe, Bounheng former pastor of First Laotian Baptist Church, Dawe Po Associate Pastor Eastridge Baptist Church and Myself. 
Those who turned soil were: Wanda Perkins EBC member, Bounheng member FLBC, Sounthaly Thinakhone Pastor FLBC, Dawe Assoc. Pastor EBC and Jane Dougherty Eastridge Elementary, Leigh Fuller Highplains Foodbank and myself. 
Butch Brooks deacon of EBC closed in prayer. 
I just have to mention a special moment. As we set there the wind picked up. On the south side of the block a rather large whirlwind formed and moved north near us. I believe with all my heart that was a sign from God. I think He was saying "I'm here, I know the job is big, but I've got this."
Enjoy the photos of a really amazing day!
Aug. 19, 2012
Dec. 10 2012
Dec. 28 2012
Jan. 4 2013
Jan. 11 2013 Shell Finished!!!!
Sometimes you don't understand WHEN-
Sometimes you don't understand WHY-
Sometimes you don't undersand HOW-
But God says...... just......
Feb. 15-16 2013 Thanks to South Georgia for 2 days of Framing! What a blessing!
Week of April 8th
April 15- God said let there be light, and there was light and it was good!
May 22- After two week delay construction is back on track and going strong. Hoping and praying for June 7 completion date.
Target opening June 8th and Dedication Service July 28th at 3:00p.m.
May 25th
May 28th
May 29th
June 20
.June 26
June 28