Kingdom Kids
    What?       Kingdom Kids is a great time for Elementary age kids. Bible                                             stories, crafts and games.      
    When?      Kingdom Kids is held each Monday at 3:30 during the school                                           year.
    Where?     Kingdom Kids is held at the Eastridge Mission Center located                                          just east of Eastridge Baptist Church at 1300 Evergreen (14th                                        St. side).
Katherine Gurley
Sarabeth Mares
     In 2015 Katherine and Sarabeth came to me and asked me if they could do a program  for the Eastridge children at the Mission Center. They wanted to do something fun but also share their best friend (Jesus) with them. I said "of course". So they got together a few friends and began to teach and love on all of them. Before long they wanted to help in other areas, such as a clothing give-away that helped hundreds of families. They have develped a loving relationship with the children who come each Monday to spend time with them and learn about Jesus. Eastridge is blest to have them and I pray that God will lead them to minister here for many years to come.               - Pastor Mike