It's an international mission trip that will change lives. Yours and theirs.
Mission trip for the price of gasoline and food. ( GOT YOUR ATTENTION YET?)

Youth leaders and missions directors:
In my years as a youth minister I can remember most of the details of mission trips I had the privilege of taking with my youth. Each and every time I saw members of my group who seemed to mature over night on that mission trip when the light came on and they realized how much bigger the world was than their own comfort zone.
All the fundraisers and capitol drives were more than worth the effort. Yet it always bothered me a little at how much time that took away from discipleship.
I wished that I could take my youth group on a mission trip where they could have a chance to experience different cultures and languages. How great would it be if they could actually see the reality of world religions like Buddism, Islam and other religions that most people don't even know exist. What if they could take on a community improvement project in the morning or work in a community garden and then conduct a VBS, bible club or sports camp in the afternoon. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to stay on sight and not have to waste precious mission trip time traveling from a motel or campground to the ministry site.
And the equally amazing part- what if you could do that for the price of your own food and gasoline to get there!
But that's just crazy talk, right?...................WRONG.

In July 2013 Eastridge Baptist Church opened Eastridge Mission Center. EMC is a 4,000 sq. ft. "gym like" facility which has indoor basketball and volleyball facilities. It has a full kitchen with a washer and dryer and each restroom has a shower. God has been doing an amazing work. EMC was paid for by the time of the dedication service! That was Phase I.
Phase II will be ready by Summer 2014 that includes a remodeling project to the East wing of Eastridge Baptist.
The remodel will offer new heating and air conditioning, two large rooms with 15 beds each for visiting mission groups and a lounge/prayer room for down time.
Through the donations of area churches mission groups you don't even need to bring bedding or towels, they are all provided.
If you want to make a donation to the operation of EMC we will accept it but it is not expected or required.
We just want you to come and bless this community and receive a blessing in return!
If you need more information or want to talk about making a reservation email me (Mike Garman) at or call me at 806-433-8668.  Don't wait too long!
Pastor Mike