Each 2nd Thurs. at 9a.m. Eastridge Baptist Church dispenses food for people in need at the South entrance to "fellowship hall". If you are in need of assistance please come at 9a.m. We close when all needs are met or when food runs out.
CHILDREN'S CHURCH- 11:00a.m. Sunday

If you ask the children what they enjoy most about EBC many would answer Children's Church on Sunday mornings. 
 Kay, Sheila, Carol and Butch have been loving the children of Eastridge for quite a few years, and it shows! 
The preparation that goes into each week is amazing but what I believe the children flock to is the love that flows from the workers. Children know it is genuine and they come to just soak it up. 
Sheila, Carol and Kay are very good at presenting Bible teaching through creative teaching methods, We are so grateful to have them. You can be sure that while you are in adult worship the children are worshiping God on their level. 
There are many nations, many languages, many customs.....but there is only One God!
Come worship Him with us!!!
One Savior....for ALL